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Meet Cornelia 

It is all about YOU

  • Cornelia Steinberg delivers education, inspiration, and entertainment with her training.

  • Cornelia’s focus is on self-development and self-leadership.

  • She engages her audience with humor, fresh energy, and passion as she leads them down the path of self-awareness and provides plans to create a customized and unique experience.

  • After guiding the audience on how to identify counterproductive behaviors, Cornelia educates each participant on how to identify and establish healthier and productive take-action plans so every attendee can become a better leader in their own lives as well as learn to lead others more effectively

  • Being exposed to different cultures all her live, Cornelia connects easily with all audiences


Leading Yourself First

For 30+ years Cornelia has been applying self-leadership skills in her own development. Through overcoming challenges and obstacles, including a cancer diagnosis, she has learned the importance of learning to lead yourself first before you can truly lead others.


As an inspiring speaker and communication expert Cornelia engages her audience by asking relevant questions that encourage people to think on a deeper level so they can raise their awareness of what might be blocking or hindering their performance or goal achievement.


As a John Maxwell certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach and also authorized DISC Trainer in the “Maxwell Method of DISC”, Cornelia brings leading-edge training to your organization together with a personalized program that fits your audience.


Cornelia continues to train and grow personally. As she explores new challenges, she brings her personal approach and experience to the various teams and organizations she leads. Cornelia enjoys seeing team members in the audience share the impact that her teachings have had on their lives.  She loves experiencing the audience sharing its personal action-plan with her and, even better, observing the results of the implementation of the deployed plan!

Seeing people getting inspired and transforming themselves and their lives with something as simple as a different perspective and setting new goals is what fuels Cornelia’s passion for the next event.


Cornelia resides outside of San Diego with her daughter and when she is not preparing for events, volunteering at her Church and local Chamber of Commerce or teaching at her local Adult School, she enjoys Yoga, Hiking, Sailing,Watercoloring and spending time with her daughter.


What does it take to grow even if life punches you in the face?


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Speaking, Workshop and Seminars

First Lead Yourself Before You Lead Others

Whether you are leading a team that has communication issues, or you feel there is more to life, you feel stuck, or you simply want to learn to understand yourself better so you can achieve your dream and goals,  Cornelia offers several programs for clients from all industries and backgrounds.

Cornelia will customize her speaking programs to fit your organization's needs.


Cornelia offers customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget such as:

  • 10-minute briefing

  • “Lunch and Learn” various topics

  • Keynote speech for your company sponsored event

  • Half day and full day workshop/seminar

  • In-house corporate training

  • Executive and personal retreat

  • Partnership Summit

She will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders within. We will work through goal setting and communication exercises that will bring cohesiveness to your group ultimately increasing productivity due to the positive influences each member will have on the group as a whole.

Using a proven assessment method, each team member will learn about his/her strength and can develop their path to effective self-leadership so they can lead others to achieve their goals.


Samuel S. Howe

Author, Living Benefits Champion, Alliance Group

We asked Cornelia to come and speak in front of a group of 200 agents at our 2018 Winter Summit, and she was absolutely captivating. She owned the stage - the audience was captivated from the moment she took the podium. She is incredibly skilled at her craft, and it's clear that she takes her work as a trainer/motivator/coach very seriously. She received a lengthy standing ovation when it was over, and spent the rest of the event surrounded with folks asking her questions and posing for pictures. I can't recommend Cornelia enough - she is a consummate professional and will bring energy, positivity, and a breath of fresh air to whatever event is lucky enough to host her.

Sistiana Chestnut

Executive Assistant - Sunroad Enterprises

Cornelia leads a one-day training course focusing on "connecting" with customers as well as co-workers. She engages the "green" sales managers with examples, thoughtful activities, group discussions and group participation. Our sales managers leave her training class with a set of skills that works beyond the workplace. The overall response from our sales managers who have taken the course is VERY POSITIVE. The seasoned managers who have sent their "green" sales managers are also very positive, the seasoned managers recognize the difference in their sales performance and overall group cohesiveness. Cornelia is a company asset!

Allison Hoover

Account Manager TargetCW

Cornelia Steinberg is an inspiring and knowledgeable woman who is determined to help you become more confident in who you are and how you interact with others.

Leigh Hartmann

Project Control SupervisorGeneral Atomics Aeronautical Systems

I just finished The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Master Mind group led by Cornelia Steinberg, and it was a great experience! Cornelia guided the discussion and encouraged all participants to contribute by sharing their personal experiences, leading to an invaluable exchange of ideas and encouragement that I've been able to apply to actual work and personal situations. I look forward to joining the next Master Mind group!


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