"Cornelia Steinberg is an incredibly inspirational woman. Even when facing the darkest days of her life she seeks to lift, inspire and enlighten others. Her writing is authentic, transparent and speaks from the heart with a sense of grace and humor about the reality of facing the most dreaded of illnesses.


Despite being the most difficult time of her life, Cornelia takes the reader by the hand on her journey from diagnosis of colon cancer through the decision making of what treatment to accept (or not), yet and through it all she never looses sight of her faith, her purpose and her vision. 


Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride. You’ll feel like you’re standing in Cornelia’s shoes as she faces her deepest fear of loosing her hair, and you’ll discover insights about your own salvation in ways only this story can bring as Cornelia shares the liberating revelation she experienced after letting go of her deep-seated limiting beliefs. 


Regardless of whether cancer has touched your life or not, read this book. It will speak into you in ways you’ve not been spoken into before. The subject matter at hand may appear, on face value, to be dark, but the brightest lights of inspiration are found in the darkest moments in life. This is must read for everyone. Truly inspiring"

Christian Simpson
The World’s Leading Coach & Mentor to Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


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